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A proprietary software, bridging the gap in information utilization for educational institutions. Datasure is an online portal which eliminates reliance on manual processes related to data entry, documentation and review. It gives access to all administrative records, subject assignments, classes, E-library, grade reports and much more.

Additionally, it offers modules which help drill down into billing reports, aiding management in key decision-making process.
About Datasure
In 2012, we designed a proprietary system called “DATASURE”. This system is specifically tailored towards solving the challenges facing primary, secondary schools and colleges today in developing countries. Alleviating challenges such as online student reporting, teachers’ grading simplification, account reconciliation to bank records are few of the multiple solutions “DATASURE” renders. Our management staff consists of professionals with tenured experience and capabilities to ensure your needs are met.

Simplifying Data entry and retrieval

Our Core Features

Online Student Record

Completely eliminates outdated procedures of paper based and manual retrieval of vital information of students, staff and general records.

Fee Reporting

  • Updates Students payment history via EDI.
  • Effective Collaboration between SL and Clients to ensure 100% reconciliation of student payment, bank Records and School records

Grading Simplification

  • Grade reporting made easy
  • Grade reporting made easy
  • Online report cards
  • Online attendance review

Process Automation

  • Outsource all legwork – Staff Training, Data Entry and Report Customization (DERC).
  • Cloud Storage of records with backups Electronic reconciliation of backups

AP/Finance Transparency

  • Electronic reconciliation of banking records with school’s collected payments.
  • Transparency and Fraud prevention or detection via payment records vs. active accounts

Alerts Technology

  • Students performance /attendance transmission to parents via electronic means.
  • Payment discrepancy alerts to management.
  • Below average performance reports to class teachers
Datasure Portal
Simplifying Data Entry and Retrieval

DATASURE simplifies how records are stored, managed and tracked electronically. The software platform enables the control and organization of documents. It incorporates document and content capture, workflow, document repositories, ERM and information retrieval systems.

Additional capabilities includes:

  • Security and Access Control
  • Version Control
  • Audit Trails
  • Check In/Check Out Access

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